An Open Letter to 2018

9:31 PM

Dear 2018,

I am sorry for:
unlearning most of the things you previously taught me,
burying my emotions and sometimes invalidating myself,
forgetting how to differentiate between self and persona in the process,
and constantly obsessing over how I could please others.

I am grateful for:
the beginning of new friendships and end of many chapters,
figuring out what passions I want to devote most of my time towards, 
understanding the value of change and impermanence, 
and realizing it is okay to not be okay.

Please forgive me for:
putting myself first at the wrong times,
dwelling on frivolous things,
and being overly critical.

Sometimes I was not good enough for myself. That’s okay.
Sometimes I had to take a couple steps back. That’s okay.
Sometimes I...

2018, you were honestly just emotionally overwhelming, confrontational, unpredictable, and overall indescribable. 

There isn't much to say because I don't really know how to properly say goodbye, but I know I am glad you are ending.

(to summarize, do better sis @ myself)

Jenny V. Ha

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